Reinventing the Video Wall

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SI Tiles at Airport

It's clever. It's bold. It's the sort of thinking that reminds us we are in a creative industry serving customers that are looking to leverage our creativity to express theirs.

And most importantly for us: they will need pro AV distributors and integrators to bring this new product to market.

Screen Innovations is the king of home theatre screens, holding that crown with its Black Diamond material.

As good as that screen material is, it comes with limitations: because of the extreme engineering required to manufacture the optical qualities in the material, it is limited in height.

To overcome that limitation, Screen Innovations (SI) have hit upon a solution that also opens up a much bigger door into pro AV and digital signage.

Screen Innovations have created a system that uses smaller "Tiles" placed together in a precision running-bond pattern in order to create one larger screen.

To ensure the strongest possible tiling system (and highest precision), Screen Innovations use a new computer controlled cutting system capable of exact specifications in combination with a running-bond pattern.

SI Tiles

These SI Tiles (photo left) by design come 75% pre-fabricated. Each panel then “snaps” into place with an attachment system that utilizes neodymium magnets. This installation process allows integrators to assemble a video wall of any size with ease, minimizing hassle on the job site.

A little bit about Black Diamond screen itself: It is made up of 8 layers of optics coating that reject ambient light in the room coming from vertical and horizontal angles-- and allow only the light coming from the direction of the projector to be reflected back to the viewer.

Screen Innovations says its ability to reject ambient light in both the vertical and horizontal planes makes Black Diamond unique in the screen world.

And now, the SI Tile system makes Black Diamond unique in the world commercial AV.

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