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Creosity "All-in-1" Display Solution

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Stealth Series Creosity releases the Stealth Series HD digital signage system for the mainstream retail marketplace.

All Stealth displays contain integrated Ethernet and wireless adapters, enabling real-time updates to advertising, content and schedules internet.

With a Stealth Series AR display, you order, remove it from the box, hang it on the wall and turn it on. You'll be automatically connected to the web-based SignPassage media management command center.

Stealth Series is available in 20", 22", 24", and 32" (16:9) HD formats. All products are capable of a maximum of 1920 x 1080 (at 30 frames per second), enabling broadcast quality (720p & 1080p), HD display of both video and still life content. Stealth Series displays are illuminated at a 400-500 cd/M2 of brightness, and 20000:1 contrast ratio.

All Stealth products are constructed with industrial grade aircraft aluminum.

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Panasonic's Biggest Snapshot

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Camera built in proportion around a 103 inch screen 

If you took a photo of rush hour in London Waterloo station, you'd have another camera staring back at you.

In a super-sized promo for Panasonic's new Lumix DMX-ZX1, a camera was built to proportion around a 103" plasma screen (Panasonic TH-103PF10) that doubles for the camera's view finder.

The 3.6 metre high and 2 metre wide fibre glass camera weighs 160kg and was built by a team of 6 artists over a 5 weeks.

The 8xLife campaign has seen giant sculptures appear in high profile locations in cities across the UK including a postbox, traffic cone, park bench, crumpled coffee cup and pigeon.

The oversized Lumix spent 3 days at Waterloo before embarking on a tour of London train stations ending up next week at London Liverpool Street.

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Barco Installs New Generation of Digital Billboard

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Barco installs a digital billboard in the Belgian HQ for world-leading brewer AB InBev.

AB Inbev is more commonly drunk as brands: Stella, Bud, Becks, Leffe and Hoegaarden. (If AB had a counterpart in AV, it would have to own Crestron, Extron, AMX and more!)

 Barco's DB-220
Barco says this billboard is the first of this kind in Europe. Barco's DB-220 is a 23 sqm size billboard used to display company info, beer commercials and city announcements. The billboard will definitely be a distinctive landmark in the city of Leuven, known for its famed university (founded in1425 by the Pope and attended by Desiderius Erasmus, Gerard Mercator, Andreas Vesalius among others.)

The DB series is a range of outdoor LED displays designed for the out-of-home market. The DB series features green components, a low power consumption, superior visual performance in all ambient environments and offer maximum return on investment. It is available in three fixed sizes.

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Panasonic's 12 Series of Plasma Displays

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Panasonic Professional Projectors and Displays Europe (PPDE) launches the first three models from its 12 series range of plasma displays.

The new large format displays feature Panasonic’s NEO PDP technology with "double efficiency and improved image quality within a thinner and lighter display."

Panasonic 12 Series range of plasma displays 

The first 12 series screens are available in 58”, 65” and 85” models and can be mounted horizontally or vertically via a slot-in system to suit a broad range of display functions. NEO PDP offers moving image resolution of 1080 lines and 40,000:1 contrast ratio.

The 12 Series range has been slimmed down, reducing the weight of all models for easier transport and installation. The displays have been "developed for 24-hour use with robust front panel and lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, making them a cost effective proposition for the longer term."

The 12-series also offers a high degree of customisation through an easy access slot system that allows users to select modular boards to provide the right combination of inputs to suit any particular application. The first of the 12-Series models come to market throughout November & December.

Commenting on the prospects for the new range Chris McIntyre-Brown, Head of Professional IT & Imaging, FutureSource, says: “The market for large format 65”< displays is forecast to grow strongly over the coming quarters as key economies move out of recession, supply side production efficiencies drive heavy price erosion and end users look for ever larger display sizes to communicate, advertise, entertain and inform.

Digital signage will undoubtedly be the key driver for growth in this category but the presentation space is also expected to see rapid adoption as AV budgets ease and companies shrug off the ‘make do’ culture experienced during the last year."

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Sanyo Aims at Digital Signage, Large Venue

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Sanyo now specifically targets the digital signage market with the USA release of two new high-brightness projectors -- the PLC-XM150 and the PLC-XM100.

Sanyo PLC-XM150

Specified at 6000 and 5000 ANSI lumens, respectively, the PLC-XM150 and the PLC-XM100 are designed with what Sanyo calls an Active Maintenance Filter (contains 10 filter rolls that change themselves automatically when needed, making for a 10,000-hour filter system in each projector.)

Also designed for large-venue applications (auditoriums and lecture halls), these projectors could find their way into small arenas and student unions where video projection is required and could be justified with a digital signage advertising network that pays for the system..

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