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Visionect’s Onethree, First of Place & Play Series

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Visionect Onetwothree

The first of the Visionect’s new Place & Play family, the 13-inch Onethree is a sign display operational straight out of the box— and 99% more energy efficient than other displays.

ePaper technology allows Visionect to make this light, thin, wireless and energy-efficient display at an affordable cost.

Onethree combines the display, mounting hardware and built-in signage software in a single commercial device that is wire-free and can match up to the most demanding surfaces.

You know how annoying it is for professionals when 5-star hotels take a cheap photo frame and turn it into countertop digital signage?  It turns out hotels and others have needs for quick and easy signage that they don’t want to spend on, that they don’t want “to install.”

That’s where ePaper technology comes in. Wherever you might think about hanging a paper sign (or wish you could afford a monitor or digital signage installation but the budget doesn’t call for it), that’s where an ePaper sign like Onethree comes in.

Only now Visionect has added an Apple-like design (casing made of aluminum and glass, all fully recyclable materials), sophisticated software and wireless connectivity to the energy-saving ePaper tech.

You can use the Onethree in an elevator or on a glass partition or on a countertop. And feed it real-time info.

With its 13-inch E Ink electronic paper screen, Onethree supports all major content management systems, its open Application Programming Interface (API) making displaying content a simple matter of using a website address. 

The device is, says the maker, “by far the greenest, most sustainable display on the market.” Visionect says the Onethree uses so little energy that a single minute it takes to boil a cup of water provides enough watt hours for a whole year’s worth of the sign’s uninterrupted functionality. 

If you think that is an idle boast, Visionect is confident enough in the Place & Play device’s ultra light energy consumption to offer to cover an entire decade’s worth of device-related electricity costs for each of their Onethree customers.  

All their clients need do is focus on developing great content to show on the Onethree, from real-time travel information on a hotel sign, to a KPI company monitor that keeps tabs on performance, a wayfinding sign to activate public spaces, and even a notice board for the medical waiting room. 

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JOAN Board and the Coffee Cup

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Joan Board

The latest in the line of JOAN solutions, the JOAN Board is an ePaper display that provides an at-a-glance overview of meeting room availability--and can be powered for a whole year by the energy you would use to make a single cup of coffee.  

Unveiled at InfoComm 2017, JOAN Board is the newest member of the JOAN family of meeting room solutions.

Easily installed at the reception or in the common room, the JOAN Board shows at a single glance which meeting rooms in the building are taken and which are still available to use, eliminating any meeting confusion. For visitors, the Board plays an important part in making them feel welcome, reducing the stress of finding the way to a particular meeting room, similar to the role played by information displays at an airport. 

Even more, companies can easily upload custom messages and images to the JOAN Board’s screen, displaying their logo, the thought of the day, or an important milestone coming up. The custom message feature can be used to welcome office guests and communicate the company’s vision in a readily accessible way, with a simple click of a button. 

JOAN helps companies manage their meetings and meeting spaces more efficiently, supporting flexible and dynamic ways of working with paperlike displays that blend into the office design. While the smaller, touchscreen JOAN displays outside each meeting room help employees by displaying meeting information, the question of providing an overview of room availability when not at the meeting room door remained. 

Encouraged by the needs of JOAN’s users, the JOAN Board was developed to further improve office interaction by displaying the status of all meeting rooms on a single screen. Like all products in the JOAN family, the Board runs on parent company Visionect’s ultra low power electronic paper, creating the greenest and most sustainable in office tech.

Visionect is the world leader in deploying digital signs in environments impossible before, leading the global revolution with greener and better displays. Setting a new standard in versatile, ultra energy-efficient signage, Visionect electronic paper products and solutions are conquering the globe, from New York to Tokyo.

JOAN is an epaper door display and meeting room scheduling solution developed by Visionect, world leader in deploying electronic paper in environments impossible before. It is marked by unparalleled energy-efficiency and mainstream affordability, is simple to install and use and above all helps people do more and work better. 


Selfridges Customers Design Their Own iPhone Case

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iiyama is in a collaboration with YR STORE and Skinnydip London, exclusive to Selfridges in London. In a merging of design and tech, Selfridges customers can create their own iPhone case design using YR STORE know-how, Skinnydip artwork and iiyama touchscreen tech.

It takes minutes to create and print a bespoke case, building up designs from the Skinnydip artwork library on two YR STORE-branded 27” iiyama displays. Adding custom text create the ultimate personalised gift/accessory for the holiday season.

Cases are available for iPhone 6, 6S, 6Plus and the new iPhone 7. Cost is £25 with optional gift wrap for £5.

“We’re delighted to be involved with this exciting collaboration,” says Lewis Clifford, iiyama UK Ltd. “iiyama displays are perfect for this kind of high-volume, interactive activity, thanks to their super-responsiveness and robust, public-space-friendly design and build.”

Tim Williams, director of YR STORE adds, “Skinnydip have incredible, vibrant and exciting designs and we have always wanted to work with them. Combined with our unique software driven by iiyama’s awesome displays – as well as our super-fast, high-quality printing live in-store – this is the must have personalised gift for Christmas this year!”

iiyama will be exhibiting at ISE 2017, at 10-P149. The company recently announced its new 65” ProLite 4K PCAP multi-touch display – the TF6537UHSC-B1AG – for retail, corporate and public usage.

YR STORE (pronounced “your STORE”) is the brainchild of interactive digital specialists Luma, whose work includes cutting-edge digital STORE and event concepts for the likes of Nike, MTV and BAPE. YR creates live garment print installations, which feature interactive touch-pods, and the world’s only live all-over digital printing process.

Founded in 2010 by Lewis Blitz and brothers James and Richard Gold, Skinnydip London creates contemporary fashion accessories and is one of the fastest growing fashion brands to come out of the London scene.


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Matrox Mura MPX-Powered 18-Monitor Video Wall in Swedish Plant

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Tekniska Verken

Tekniska Verken integrates a collaborative, 18-monitor,Matrox Mura MPX-powered video wall into the control room of their KV1 plant in Linköping, Sweden.

Looking to reduce the amount of time operators spent moving between workstations, Tekniska Verken contacted integrators Kontor-X AB to provide a cost-effective way to centralize information.

Kontor-X AB opted for a Matrox-validated Trenton TVC4403 controller system housing six Matrox Mura MPX-4/4 video wall processor cards, which integrate four Full HD outputs and four Full HD inputs on the same PCIe x16 board. This configuration proved robust enough to power the 6x3, 18-output video wall comprised of 55” Philips Ultra Narrow Bezel monitors.

With 24 different inputs, made up of video streams, relevant data, and alarm lists, MuraControl for Windows proved to be a critical component of the KV1 installation. According to Kontor-X AB key account manager, Kristoffer Nord, “MuraControl made it easy to manage and control each of the sources. The ability to create, save, and switch between different video wall layouts was especially helpful following shift changes.”

“Tekniska Verken was very pleased with the final result,” comments Nord. “Having increased workplace efficiency in the control room, the video wall exceeded expectations. Taking into account the solution’s cost-effectiveness, the smooth integration with sources and outputs, and the ensuing installation, Matrox Mura MPX Series made our job as integrators easier.”

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Unicol Releases Range of LED Displays for Indoor and Outdoor

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Unicol LED

Trends in the corporate sector show an increase in video wall installations, especially in HQ buildings. Now-- with sub 3mm pitch high resolution-- LED displays will compete with LCDs on price.

Unicol sees “LED overtaking back-lit LCDs for indoor video walls in the next 5 years or sooner.” And they argue LEDs are also brighter, easier to install and outdoor capable, even the price point for higher resolution panels is coming down.

The LED display systems offered by Unicol are not LCD displays back-lit by LED lighting but “true” tile module LED displays--which are not only brighter and bolder, but can be used outdoors as well.

The LED display mounting structures offered by Unicol are, in the company's own words, "bespoke solutions for free-standing, floor to wall and ceiling suspension." These LED displays have already been used by companies in the corporate sector as well as retail and public sectors in order to showcase dynamic, interactive information to customers.

Furthermore, LED displays from Unicol can be configured to between 8 metres by 3 metres or even larger, and can also be designed in various formats, including normal screen formats, extended portrait formats, and stretched landscape formats. These mounting structures are all purpose-designed as well as manufactured precisely according to the requirements of the clients. They can also be easily assembled on-site, and are maintenance- and installer-friendly as well.

Aside from standard LED display mounting structures, Unicol also offers rolling LED display mounting structures which can be easily moved to gain access to media players, cables, and the like, or moved from in front of shop windows or lobby areas.

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