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"Digital Interiors" at Light & Building

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Digital Interiors

At this year's Light & Building fair in Frankfurt, Vertigo Systems will present digital interiors- -i.e., interactive experiences bordering between architecture, light and media.

Their latest version of living surface (system environment for touch-less interactive media installations) will take the possibilities of state-of-the-art media and light technology even further to deliver interactive scenography and mood media.

Particularly the implementation as living wall will impress visitors. The frameless video wall with distance-based camera sensors deploys a lasting effect as a design or advertising element. The available interactive content themes include high-quality nature scenarios or customized productions of the customer’s product and brand world.


The 65” Christie FHD651 in Touch & Non-Touch

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Christie FHD651-T

At ISE 2014, Christie introduced its 65-inch flat panel digital display solutions.

The LED edge-lit Christie FHD651-T and Christie FHD651-P have a thin profile for easy installation – just 2.7-inches deep for the touch (T) and 2.1-inches deep for the non-touch (P) version.

Both commercial-grade LCD flat panels are designed for meeting rooms, classrooms and digital signage in corporate spaces, museums, education facilities, houses of worship, theatres, and hospitality and retail environments where conveying the message with bright images for long time periods without interruption is essential.

Featuring up to four simultaneous touches, the Christie FHD651-T has high-accuracy infrared touch technology.


Extron DTP CrossPoint 84 Now Includes a Built-In Control Processor

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DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP

Extron Electronics announces the immediate availability of the Extron DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP, a new model of the DTP CrossPoint 84 featuring a built-in IP Link Pro control processor for complete and powerful AV system control.

The DTP CrossPoint 84 is the new go-to product for presentation systems. This compact presentation matrix switcher delivers all of the technologically advanced capabilities necessary to design and integrate a complete AV system in one box, including a 4K matrix switcher, two built-in independent scalers, integrated DTP and XTP transmitters and receivers, a high performance mono or stereo amplifier, comprehensive audio DSP capabilities unmatched in the industry, and an advanced control processor that is uniquely expandable.

The DTP CrossPoint 84 greatly simplifies system design and installation and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership—making a new industry benchmark for fully integrated AV systems.


Panasonic’s Creates “Projection Lighting”

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Space Player

And now for something completely different…Panasonic brings out the Space Player, an innovative type of lighting equipment which combines the functions of traditional lighting and video projection for interior and exterior spaces.

Space Player uses utilizes projected visuals for lighting in public spaces such as museums and retail applications. For example, the projection spotlight can spot light an object while projecting video or product descriptions onto the surrounding space.

Panasonic will even offer video content for the Space Player.


World’s Highest Density LED Display UTV1.0 at LED CHINA 2014

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UTV 1.0 at LED CHINA 2014

Unilumin debuts the world first 1.0mm LED display - UTV 1.0 at LED CHINA 2014 (nearly 80,000 professional visitors this year from 150 countries or regions).

“Unilumin has been dedicating to developing UTV1.0 since early 2013, why we constantly develop the UHD LED display is because it will help Unilumin to explore a new and huge market which is traditionally using LCD, PDP, DLP and projection technologies. These applications include emergency operations centers, oil & gas assets monitoring center, security/CCTV monitoring center, traffic management center, utilities NOCs, conference room and social media marketing NOCs,” according to Simon Wu, Unilumin Marketing Director.

“We already have done about 50 video wall projects for monitoring centers, TV studios, conference rooms using our current UTV1.9 and UTV2.5, these projects contribute much to our profit growth in 2013, so we think it deserves our constant efforts and the big investment on R&D.


Draper’s TecVision Technology at ISE

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Draper says it is taking projection screen technology another step into the future with the creation of TecVision Engineered Surface Technology, seen for the first time at ISE 2014

Available in 5 formulations to start, TecVision features white surfaces with gains ranging from 1.3 to 1.9 over wide-viewing cones for better off-axis viewing. Draper says these are better surfaces with lower and more consistent gloss levels for less distortion in the picture. TecVision surfaces also feature a light absorbing dark backing which prevents picture degradation from light behind the screen.

Draper points out “TecVision surfaces offer huge savings when compared to the costs of purchasing a projector with increased brightness."


Front Projectors WW Shipments Hit $2.63 billion

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Futuresource Consulting

Worldwide shipments of front projectors grew year-on-year by 6% to 2.12 million units in Q4 2013, representing $2.63 billion in value, according to research by Futuresource Consulting.

Eastern Europe enjoyed the greatest year-on-year quarterly growth where 151,000 units were shipped during Q4 2013, a 12% increase from the year before. The end of a temporary diversion of government funding for infrastructure for the 2014 Winter Olympics allowed Russia to resume its high sell-in volumes, with a total of 780,300 units shipped - a 10% year-on-year increase. Most of this volume went into the education sector and high sell-in is expected to continue for the short term. EU member states in Eastern Europe also enjoyed growth not only due to the Q4 retail period but also as a result of using up the remainder of their 2007-2013 EU budget.

The Middle East and Africa saw only modest growth in Q4 2013 with 139,000 units shipped, a 1% year-on-year growth. This was due to education projects in Saudi Arabia and UAE failing to come to fruition. However, the MEA region remains a strong opportunity long term due to its low penetration.


Casio’s Geometric Correction Box

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Casio YA-S10

Casio’s YA-S10 Geometric Correction Box enables mesh-based warping of video inputs, controlled via a remote control. It is specifically aimed at the digital signage market, providing a simple solution for systems integrators.

The geometric correction box allows irregularities in the projection surface to be evened out at the push of a button on the remote control. The correction box also allows projections onto otherwise” un-projectable” surfaces, such as curved surfaces, at an angle or even on round pillars.

Thanks to free-form compensation, you can correct even extreme curved surfaces and angles. The box is easy to connect to projectors, taking only seconds. The correction box is available separately and can be used with Casio projectors.

Watch DSE 2104: Casio Shows Geometric Correction Box

Sochi Shows “Selfies”

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MegaFon Pavilion

The Oxford Word of the Year 2013 was “selfie,” a photo one snaps of one’s self.

London-based architect Asif Khan, in technical collaboration with the Swiss firm iart, conceived a 3D “selfie” façade for the MegaFon Pavilion, a building belonging to Russia’s largest telecommunications company. It’s the first 3D actuated large-scale LED façade.

The technology allows MegaFon to project for 20 seconds an 8m tall 3D portrait of each participating visitor—and 170,000 people are expected to become a giant face at this 2014 Olympics.

The 2000-square-meter pavilion was built especially for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and contains an exhibition hall, hospitality areas, a viewing terrace, an amphitheater and two rooms for radio broadcasts.