RMG Networks Launches Korbyt

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RMG Networks Launches Korbyt
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RMG Networks launches an advanced enterprise Content Management System (CMS) platform, Korbyt.

RMG designed and built this new CMS platform from their own experience serving the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100: that’s why the company says Korbyt offers a range of unique core features that make it "the most flexible and adaptable digital signage solution available in the market."

The platform is built from the perspective of the user’s challenges, preferences and objectives based on research on what CMS users are (or are not) looking for in the perfect CMS platform.

The idea is that Korbyt (with a modern flexible architecture) sets itself apart from other platforms by tailoring itself to the user’s needs. The new Channel Director in Europe for RMG Networks, Justin Peyton, will be looking for partners for the platform.

Korbyt is available as standard or premium enterprise version. Korbyt is also available as a cloud SaaS or on-premise solution so the partners can target any size of organisation and usage pattern, from small to medium size as well as large organisations.